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What is Flower Vending Machine?

June 11, 2022

Latest company news about What is Flower Vending Machine?

Flower Vending Machine is a Vending Machine Kiosk that specially designed for fresh flower bouquets retail. Roses and mixed bouquets available. Cash, credit cards, mobile payment, NFC and other payment methods accepted. Winnsen innovative flower bouquet vending machines rock flower sales in traditional way. It changes the life of traditional fresh flower shop and bouquet sales. This smart vending machine has fashion designs, colors and patterns that are captivating and draw attention. It is built exclusively upon ordination and on craftsmanship both in materials and construction. For those floral shop stores that are looking for something more unique than an off-the-shelf solution, Winnsen flower vending machine would meet the requirement.


Winnsen smart flower vending machine is a cutting-edge automated retailing platform. The 18.5″ HD touchscreen is powered by professional software system that adopts the best technology to support the whole system running flawlessly. The HD touch screen also can display floral shop promotional video or sell as advertising space for an extra income stream when no customers operate on flower vending machine. Each compartment in a machine could be filled with different bouquets of flowers. Using cash, credit card or mobile phone, customers are able to pay for the flowers they selected, and the glass door unlocks so they can pick up their romantic floral gift. The whole purchase process requires no employee, it makes customers access to fresh flower bouquets any time possible. The machine can handle a wide variety of flowers and green plants, ideal for flower vending machine retailer. Winnsen smart vending machines are engineered for selling difference fresh floral, including but not limited to rose, lily, lisianthus, tulip, hyacinth alladin, hydrangea, montbretia flower and etc. The machines are installed with a cooling system and humidifier that is designed to provide the specific environment the flowers needs. A flower vending machine with good floral refrigerated system can extend the life of cut flowers, maximizing profit. Proper humidity should be provided in a good flower vending machine too. It is necessary to maintain moisture in a smart flower vending machine that keep the flower fresh looking. A regular flower vending machine is not adequate to preserve flowers.



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This fresh flower bouquet vending machines are usually installed at subway stations, airports, streets, maternity, clinics, hospitals, apartment communities, malls and entertainment or residential complexes and etc. "Compared with flower shops, flower vending machines can save more costs in labor and store rentals" As per one flower shop owner in United States.


Winnsen fresh flower bouquet vending machine provides an easy flower vending solution, allowing customers to pick up fresh flower bouquets 24/7 whenever they’re passing through. The machine also can be customized with different languages to use in different countries. It is the era of flower vending machines blossoms. Contact us now for a customized solution for your floral shop.


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