Refrigerated lockers for Online Shopping E-grocery and Meal Delivery

July 21, 2021

Winnsen Industry provide solutions for e-grocery and food delivery companies. Our refrigerated lockers ensure that deliveries of food and beverages, medications, flowers, and cosmetics are safe, secure, and fresh. Our smart heated and refrigerated lockers can be set to different internal temperatures. With the compact size design and low noise feature, they are suitable for indoor placement. Winnsen smart heated and refrigerated lockers are plug-and-play, so the installation is fast and easy. Besdies, Winnsen refrigerated lockers comes with a complete set of API to speed up the software integration process.


Keep groceries, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive items chilled at 35°F to 46°F


Quiet, energy-efficient compressors require only one dedicated 110V or 220V outlet


Keep e-grocery, food , and other items safe until they are ready for pick-up


Our refrigerated parcel delivery lockers accept deliveries from all couriers, ensuring 100% deliverability


Always accessible
Thanks to the emergency unlock system, our refrigerated lockers are always accessible.

How to collect from Winnsen refrigerated locker?
1. Enter a pin code via keypad or QR code.
2. Open the door highlighted by a flashing light.
3. Collect the goods.


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